Trailers coming to YouTube soon! (And another small change)

Trailers on YouTube!

Hello everyone! For the past 4 films Stoic Productions has made, we have posted them directly on our forums, often with little (if any) prior announcements. For all films from now on, we will be posting trailers to our official Stoic Productions YouTube account, which is also used for submitting films to contests.

In short, how we plan to release films now will be more streamlined and accessible to everyone. We will publicize films in the following manner:

  1. Once we start producing a film, it will be announced on our forum under “Announced Projects
  2. Once it’s close to being completed, a trailer will be uploaded to the official Stoic Productions YouTube account (To which you should subscribe!)
  3. Once a film is finished, the full length film will be uploaded to our forum under “Finished Projects” and the trailers description on YouTube will be updated with a link to the full film.

We would appreciate it if you made an account on our forum to leave comments on the film, rather than put them on YouTube once released, Thank you!

YouTube Link: Official Account

Other small announcement:

Another thing we are revamping is the way we communicate with you guys. From now on, general announcements regarding Stoic Productions will be here, on the main page. A link has been added to the forum to come here as well. The forum will still host our finished films and announced films, but any other general info (like this!) will be here.

Once again we would like to thank anyone for their support and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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