About our group:

Welcome to Stoic Productions! We are a small group of amateur videographers, writers, and aspiring directors, making short films, usually for our school’s film society or to submit to film festivals. Our team is constantly changing, as every film will have a different team, however there are 2 people who stay constant throughout every production. This is one of our writers, and our main editor, the founders of Stoic Productions. To find out about the group used in a certain production, please check the blog post corresponding with the film you are interested in.

About us:

My name is Ryan Fogler and I am one of the founding members of Stoic productions. At Stoic, I am in charge of writing scripts, developing scores, and directing short films. I have acted in all of our films. I have a passion for making films and I hope I can continue to make films for as long as I possibly can. My past films I have worked on include What’s your name, Ms. Kepler’s House, Journey, etc.




My name is Ryan Schanzenbacher and I am the technical director at Stoic Productions. At Stoic Productions I am in charge of filming and editing films, any post production work that needs to be done, publishing the films to the site, and general IT upkeep on all of our sites. I have a passion for technology and film making, which is why I edit our films and maintain our website. I strive to make our films as good as they can be. If I am not working on editing or filming, you can bet I am working on our server to bring everyone even more features! Past projects I have worked on include What’s Your Name?, Ms. Kepler’s House, Journey, etc.