New and Improved Status Page! (And other updates)

Back-end Upgrades through the year

As the school year comes to a close and finals start to hang closer over our heads, lots of work has been done in the background, since not a lot has been done in terms of films ;). First and foremost, server stability has increased dramatically compared to a year ago, since the website is now in its final form (for the most part).

Compared to one year ago, we were using completely different software (that was still in beta!) and we didn’t even have a main page yet: we only had a forum (Bonus points for whoever can find an old copy of that site!) Now that the following features have been proven stable, we can focus purely on creating content over the summer. Features we have now include:

*Hard downtime refers to an error not handled by our proxy server (anything resulting in Page not found error in the browser itself) In most cases, we can catch these errors and display a custom page both for user experience and SEO!


New and Improved Status Page!

One of the bigger improvements to the Stoic Productions Infrastructure is the status page seen here or when the site is down. Now, the page will load almost instantly since page generation is no longer handled by PHP nor another program that creates the page on the fly. Rather, it is now pre-generated every minute by this amazing project on GitHub. Now, statuses will be up to date since I no longer need to adjust them manually and the page will load faster due to the aforementioned reasons.

Be sure to subscribe to the Stoic Productions YouTube channel for trailers during the summer to upcoming projects and make sure to create an account on our forums to comment on films when they are released there! Thanks!

Ryan Schanzenbacher

Technical Director

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