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Update (10/18/2020): We have officially fixed the issues regarding our email server. Any valid “” email will deliver mail to its intended recipient again. However, forum signups are still disabled for the time being while we evaluate other options and integrate new systems into our infrastructre. Thanks for all your patience during this time!

Update (7/16/2020): We are having more issues with our email server. All other services have been operational since 6/2/2020 but the email server has to be completely re-made. As such, any emails ending in “” will not work. If you are trying to make an account on the forum, you will not get a verification email from us due to this issue. Please contact so I can activate your account from the email you used to sign up until I fix the issue. Thanks for your patience!

Update (5/31/2020): We have gotten the foundation of our infrastructure operational again about 1 day ago. We are still working ot bring our email servers back up. We are also making intermittent changes as issues arise, so the site may go up and down still. This maintenance is done mostly during the night though. We expect to get the email server back up within the next 3 days.

Hello everyone, hope you are all staying healthy and safe!

On Sunday at around 11PM, we will be taking our server offline for a major upgrade/redesign to our infrastructure. During this time, services such as viewing our films and interacting with us through our forums, email, etc. will be completely unavailable. The main site will still be viewable as a static backup from our proxy server. If you see the “Server is currently offline” banner at the top of the site, it means you are seeing a static backup of the site.

We anticipate this upgrade will take a while, probably 4-5 days. Again during this time services such as viewing our films will be unavailable. We hope this upgrade will solve the following issues we are facing:

We appreciate your understanding during this process, and we will be working as hard as we can to bring you the content you came here for as soon as we can once more!

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