Happy New Year + Revelation Premiere Info!

Well, we’ve finally made it! The Revelation is officially finished with all stages of production, and is ready to be released! This is a huge milestone that we are so excited to be so close to sharing with everyone. Unfortunately, we are going to have to change our original plans a bit.

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Coming this Winter!

Hello Everyone! This is Ryan Schanzenbacher with a big announcement! This winter, Stoic Productions will be bringing you its first ever full length film!

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Coming this Fall...

Hello Everyone! This is Ryan Fogler here with a big announcement! Mr. Schanzenbacher and I are very excited to announce that Stoic Productions will be bringing you two new films by the end of 2020!

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Site Unavailability

Update (10/18/2020): We have officially fixed the issues regarding our email server. Any valid “@stoicproductions.org” email will deliver mail to its intended recipient again. However, forum signups are still disabled for the time being while we evaluate other options and integrate new systems into our infrastructre. Thanks for all your patience during this time!

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New and Improved Status Page! (And other updates)

Back-end Upgrades through the year

As the school year comes to a close and finals start to hang closer over our heads, lots of work has been done in the background, since not a lot has been done in terms of films ;). First and foremost, server stability has increased dramatically compared to a year ago, since the website is now in its final form (for the most part).

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Update - New School Year!

Hello everyone! As September comes to a close, a new school year is starting to arrive. As such, clubs are starting to gain momentum again, so we are as well! Currently, we are still getting used to the new schedules that come with a new year, however in the coming months we will have about 1 or 2 films coming out. More specific information will be released in early October. We have released general information on our forums, if any are interested.

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